Friday, 1 June 2012

Wellco boots - the perfect military, work and uniform boots

Many people will have come across the brand of Wellco, if you are in any of the professions that need good, well made, comfortable and durable boots then you will definitely have heard of the Wellco brand. So what makes Wellco Boots stand out from the crowd? As a start, they do a vast range of boots to suit all work conditions and locations. There are Wellco Boots that feature side zips for ease of removal and wear, there are boots with pierce resistant soles and boots that can even protect your feet in electrical hazard situations. Obviously as most manufacturers of boots Wellco have cold and hot weather versions of their boots.

Why buy Wellco Boots? If the above isn't reason enough then what about all of the technology involved in the manufacture of Wellco Boots? Technology and footwear go hand in hand (or should that be foot in foot). Wellco Boots feature the Arclite FR soling system, which is brand new technology and gives a flame resistant sole. This increases safety and durability and comfort are also improved. This advanced soling system can perform at temperatures of - 40 o C to + 300 o C. That is a vast temperature range and obviously, in certain professions or situations these would be invaluable.
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Another Wellco Boots advance is the Signature Elite Insole. This is a very recent addition and it will be included in all of the Wellco commercial products range soon. This insole is made from premium polyurethane and gives cushioning like no other insole. What you get with the Signature Elite Insole is superior comfort that will last all day no matter what you have to put your feet through. If you are patrolling, hiking over rough terrain or just pounding the pavements your feet will remain comfortable and supported.

Is that all the technology for comfort and safety that Wellco Boots offer? In a word – No; another midsole system developed by Wellco is TUFFkushion and features heavily in their military boots. This material was developed as part of a contract awarded to Wellco by the US Army Natick Laboratories. This soling system is a polyurethane midsole with a rubber tread sole with high traction. This midsole keeps the boots light in weight but provides the comfort of a leisure shoe.

With all of the above in mind, you may be wondering how you ever got through your workdays without a pair of Wellco Boots. With all of this attention to detail and the massive amount of technology at play, you would be forgiven for thinking that Wellco Boots would be out of your budget. How about a Wellco tan hot weather combat boot? Would under $100 suit your budget? How much better if they were under $75? Wellco Boots are available at such low prices you can afford to have a few pair of the perfect boots your feet deserve.