Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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Altama has been a primary producer of Altama combat boots for the US defense department as well as the state, central and the local society. Set up in the year 1969 AltamaCombat boots are boots which are worn by the military combats and army personnel for security and comfort.
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Originally created in 1965 to overcome the unsatisfactory performance of the preceding issue boots of the Vietnam jungles, Wellco Boots have now become a household as well as military name. 

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

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Established in the year 1969 Altama Combat boots are military combat boots which are used by the special military forces and army personnel. It was found in Georgia at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and Altamaha River.

Altama Combat Boots have become so famous among the army that it has been noticed that after retirement, they come back for purchasing Altama desert boots or the jungle combat boots.  
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Wellco Boots were initially created in 1965 to surmount the disappointing performance of the previous issue boots of the Vietnam jungles. However this technology was later adopted for all army combat footwear.
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